What is a Tantric Therapy?

A Tantric Therapy focuses on stimulating the whole body to create new pathways of feelings in the brain. By using our own sexual energy we can actually achieve a higher state of consciousness.

Using Tantra we activate the person’s body to allow the Kundalini (sexual or primal energy) or Shakti that lies in rest at the base of the spine, to flow through the Chakras (energy points in the subtle body) creating ultimate healing.

We will teach you more about your body, about subtle energy, and about your potential for pleasure, connection, and intimacy.

We will help you to restore and rejuvenate all the cells and balance your female and male energy.

What does a Tantric Therapy involve?

The Tantric Session includes a loving sensual touch, breathing techniques, positions, meditations, techniques, and the share of mutual touch, to awake the sensual and sexual energy in your body. Through this therapy, the patient will be able to understand how energy and our emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual bodies affect our reality.

In order to heal an illness, we need to heal emotions and feelings. When our emotions and feelings are healed, our soul is healed as well.

With a set of guided meditations and brain training, we will build new neuronal networks, and open the door to new experiences.

The patient will be guided in energy healing sessions and therapies in which he/she is going to be aware of the five senses of the body: Smell (olfaction), Touch somatosensation), Taste (gustation), Sight (vision), and Hearing (audition).

We provide a mixture between Reiki, Shamanic Healing, and Sexual Energy as a tool, to encompass physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual healing.

Why should I experience a Tantric Therapy?

You don’t need to have a reason to take a Tantric Therapy! However, it can be very useful to heal any kind of emotional or physical trauma. Tantra can change you on an alchemical level. It is a powerful energy practice for mind, body, and soul. If you are seeking answers let us help you go within to find them. Touch is shaping up to be the ultimate mind-body medicine! From lowering blood pressure and heart rate to increase immune functions and relieving pain, getting touched or doing some touching makes you healthier- not to mention happier and less anxious!

Tantra for Women?

Tantric Therapy has amazing benefits for women. Unfortunately, in some societies or religions to talk about sex can be a big Taboo; some women might even feel a lot of shame and guilt. This can be the cause of infections, ovarian cysts, cramps, and pain in her Yoni (vagina) due to an excess of negative feelings stored in the body. These issues can cause pain during intercourse and an inability to open up and blossom. Tantric Therapy can heal you on the deepest levels and open you up to exploring your true sensual feminine nature. You will be able to unblock your subconscious mind and release emotional, mental, and physical traumatic experiences. With a Tantric touch of love, you will be able to rewire your brain into trust, belief, and open up your heart in order to align mind, emotion, body, in order to heal your soul and experience the Divine within you.

Tantra for Men?

Tantric Therapy for men helps to discover your Divine power. Experience how to reconnect soul, mind, emotion, and body with raw male energy. Discover how to really satisfy and enjoy your sacred sexuality.

Permanently cure premature ejaculation (PE), or erectile dysfunction (ED).

During the sessions, you can learn to balance or improve your libido and stamina through a Tantric technique by learning Authentic Semen Retention (non- ejaculatory orgasm), that permanently cures premature ejaculation (PE) or erectile dysfunction (ED). When men learn how to separate them, men can absolutely become multi-orgasmic!

When we have an orgasm, men and women lose a lot of energy, this is the reason of fatigue and even erectile dysfunction. These techniques will increase your energy and drive, give you more confidence, boost your immune system, give you control over material urges, and feel more connected to your spiritual nature.

Tantra for couples!

We provide a beautiful and intense experience to reconnect with your partner body and soul. We will help you find a common meeting place by working with the energy of your bodies. We will help you re-establish a divine union between the masculine and feminine transforming any dynamic into a beautiful time together.


1.5 HOURS ($150)

This is a beautiful and skilled tantric touch. The tantric touch is a loving and sensual touch, in which you will lay down on a massage table and enjoy aromatherapy, music therapy, and feel the touch along your body. We will gently balance and awake your kundalini (sexual energy). This will restore the flow of your chakras (energy points) in your body, which are along the spine to move the kundalini. We will awaken a dormant energy field to purify your heart, body, and mind, leaving you feeling renewed from the inside out.
This session is designed to unblock and heal any emotional blockages, pain, or trauma in your subtle energy bodies. This will awaken your sexuality while simultaneously allowing you to relax and allow healing.


1.45 HOURS ($200)

You will learn basic terminology about the ancient art of tantra and the beginning skills to apply tantra to your life.
You will learn a set of postures and breathing techniques (pranayamas) which are designed to clean emotions, feelings, and thoughts stuck in your subtle bodies. To increase your libido as well as purify your energy system for you to heal not only sexual issues but also understanding that by healing or releasing emotions, you will be able to heal any other type of illness with the use of this powerful energy called kundalini.
You will be personally taught exercises that in the case of men will help you to strengthen erections ( make them harder ), increase the size of your penis, improve your performance in bed, or avoid incontinence.
In the case of women, we will give you exercises to help you to rejuvenate your vaginal area, strengthen the internal muscles in your vagina, to tone pelvic floor muscles, avoid miscarriages, and to avoid incontinence. This will help you increase the power and intensity of the female orgasm.
We will then go into a deeply active and intimate meditation to create awareness in your body connecting you to your higher self by activating your senses through smelling, feeling, touching, and tasting.


1.5 HOURS ($240)

You will learn the most powerful ancient sacred teaching of Tantra, which is to actually achieve the non-ejaculatory orgasm and understand the secrets to sacred sexuality and the most sacred secrets that lie within the Kama Sutra.
With this technique, in the case of men with premature ejaculation, this is how you are going to solve it- Did you know that ejaculation is what makes you lose erection, NOT the orgasm?
Orgasm and ejaculation are two different things! The orgasm will be the sexual excitement characterized by the feeling of pleasure centered in the genitals. The ejaculation will be the action of ejecting semen from the body.
So, you will learn how to separate the orgasm from the ejaculation in order to avoid the ejaculation and keep your erection.
You will be able to have an orgasm, continue with an erection, then have ANOTHER orgasm, and continue until you want to stop.
A non-ejaculatory orgasm is a technique to achieve a full body orgasm. You will learn how to circulate the Kundalini (sexual energy) through your full body, as well as understand the power, magic, and sacredness of this force (Kundalini).


1.5 hours ($280)

Appreciation of your Divine Goddess! Now that we have introduced you to the Tantric Touch, you will now be guided into the process of learning in how to feel, move, and touch your partner with intent to share and stimulate their energy in a new way.
This session especially helps patients with PE learn to touch your couple, and at the same time maintain your senses and balance. It also helps to exercise self discipline and self control during unanticipated arousal. We will be there to help guide you through the session every step of the way, to help you unwind and relax into the art of touching. Besides helping you feel close and connected to your partner, it turns out that this touch brings a host of health benefits to your body and mind.


1.5 HOURS ($280)

You have learned to honor and respect Sacred Sexuality as well as yourself and your partner. This session is a conscious meditation involving a mutual sharing of energy in which you will discover how to do a soul to soul touch through the discovery of his/ her inner feelings, emotions, wishes. This is how you will start a journey to reconnect deeper to truly understand your partner and yourself in higher levels of consciousness and spirituality. Through the awareness of the awakening of our senses smelling, feeling, tasting, breathing, touching, and seeing, this is how you become ONE.

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